Just Be - Meditation

Just Be - Meditation


Together, Denise and Matt have created Just Be, A guided meditation journey of relaxation, hypnosis, and universal loving energy for you to experience your glorious inner essence.  Your spirit is one of abundant light.  You exist in this light with love, integrity, gratitude, humility and truth.  Just BE, be the L.I.G.H.T. 


Just Be
by Denise Willis & Matt Nichols
© Copyright – Denise Willis/Matt Nichols 2017

Run time: 17 minutes

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Instructions: It is recommended that you listen to this while in a seated position with your neck and back aligned in a straight posture, gently place your hands in your lap keeping your arms and legs relaxed with your bare feet placed gently on the ground.  This session may also be experienced while lying down. Continuous repetition will enhance the power of the meditation session.  Try not to focus on the words, just let your mind and body relax with the music, keeping the volume guiding your mind to gently drift. 


Matt Nichols, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, has lived and breathed music from an early age. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, he wrote his first song when he was in the 4th grade and has not stopped since. Matt has written and produced hundreds of songs in most styles of music including orchestral, pop, R&B, funk, rock, jazz, and adult contemporary. Matt does most of his work out of his home studio in Milford Connecticut and in most cases, plays and records all of the instrumentation tracks himself. Matt puts his heart and soul into every project he works on and believes that every artist/client deserves the very best. One of his talents is to see the big picture of what a song “can be” from the very beginning and to bring emotional impact to the music. Aside from producing music, Matt is also an acoustic consultant at Jaffe Holden specializing in recording studio design. Matt continues to balance his music, consulting career and most importantly, his family.