Steven’s Gift

“Steven’s Gift” is a session created to help people feel loved and to know that they are always surrounded by the love and light of Heaven and all the beautiful Archangels and all their loved ones that have crossed over. On Christmas Eve 2016, Denise’s son Steven (in Heaven) came to her to show her how to create a unique healing session connecting those who receive it to the love and light of the Archangels. As the Archangels are the managers of guardian angels, they are quite powerful and loving. Each of the Archangels has an aura color and gemstone that corresponds directly to them. In this very special experience, Denise will be using crystals and essential oils each corresponding to each Archangel. In doing so, Denise connects you to the Archangels to assist you in developing a closer relationship with them and with yourself. There is no right or wrong way to connect to them and since they are omnipresent (being present everywhere) they can be with you and everyone who wishes at the same time.


30 Minutes


60 Minutes