Ceremonial Tea

Ceremonial Tea


Ceremonial teas are both enchanting and intoxicating as the quality of the organic loose herbal blends offer a calming,  relaxation-enhancing, wisdom, protection, intuition, negativity-deflecting, serenity, tranquility, peaceful sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, divination, psychic ability, spirit communication, meditation, clairvoyance, healing, anti-inflammatory, success, and abundant dreams.  Yes… herbal tea blends are quite a magical science of “herbal love”.  Enjoy a cup of tea as often as you wish!

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There are 4 custom blends to choose from:

1.        BEAM ME UP - Oh hello world, there you are!  This blend is for everyone who needs a little pick me up so the body, mind and soul can be ready to take on the universe!  You’ve got this!

2.       CUPID’S KISS - Love Love Love! When you want to feel sexy, empowered, and passionate, this is the blend for you!  Dive into the beauty of your spirit and feel the love ignite your beautiful soul. 

3.       PEACE OUT - Steven’s favorite saying when things need to be released in a big way!  This extremely calming blend of essential oils that will help you to feel calm after the very first sniff.

4.       STEVEN’S GIFT - Inspired by Denise’s son Steven (in heaven), this incredibly soft and beautiful blend of essential oils corresponds with each of the 8 Archangels as it brings about feelings of deep love and the nurturing light of heaven.

Note:  All items are made with a very special “healing energy” session in connection to heaven’s angels and are infused with crystal energy and charged by the moon to enhance the powerful properties within.